Trendy and Unique Wedding Invitation

Wedding is the biggest celebration of your life. It means a lot to you whether it is the selection of your wedding dress, music genre, and venue of your wedding. That is enough to describe the essence of a perfect wedding invitation. An elegant invitation card gives the first hint to your guest’s what the celebration will be like!

If you are in confusion to select the best invitation card for your wedding and need inspiration, have a look at Seven Colours trendy and unique wedding invitations. Our experts have made you available a wide range of options for the wedding invitations that have fresh vibes.

  • Moody wedding invitations: – In the very first glance it might not look like a wedding card but recently it has attracts the couples attention. Its dark and moody colours strike the romantic mood and tend to work in all seasons. Another plus is that dark and moody colours give us a break from traditional gold. Moody artwork and classic calligraphy by seven colours made it a modern site.


  • Wedding invitation boxes: – If you want to amaze your wedding guests with a wow effect then a box invitation can help you out. It is all-time amazing to get a wedding invitation along with eatables like dry fruits, jams, jellies and chocolates. A very formal wedding to a glamorous themed wedding box invitation can be the best choice. We provide you with all kind of box invitations at affordable prices.


  • Printed envelope wedding invitation: – Gone are the days – when people send the simple plain wedding envelope invitation to their guests. The smooth flash of colours can catch your guest’s eyes while opening the invitation. With seven colours couples can also choose the area to be printed whether it is inside, outside or both side the envelope. Also, they have multiple printing themes like a floral, peacock and other geometrical designs.


  • Laser-cut wedding invitations: – You can mesmerize your guest with laser cut wedding invitations. Delicate laser cut designs brings elegance in your wedding invitation card. Seven Colours has a team of experienced and expert designers to meet all your laser cut need.


  • 3D wedding invitations: – No, we are not talking about any gift or showpiece for your wedding. We have a series of 3d wedding invitations with attractive designs that can seek anyone’s attention. Even after your wedding, our 3d invitations can be seen in your guest’s display shelf. Because we have professional designers who don’t follow the trend but they like to set it. You can rock your invite with unique pop-up designs.


  • Venue map wedding invitation: – The idea of venue map insertion may be old but now it has changed a lot. Nowadays couples are liking the trend of giving the venue map on a piece of paper or handkerchief with personalized graphics. The orientation of hand-drawn map by us not only helps your guest to find the destination but also bring elegance in your wedding invitation.


It is incredibly difficult to craft a wedding invitation that looks cool and elegant with all the required information. Seven Colours makes it possible for you and offering a series of trendy and unique wedding invitations.