How to Use Gamification to Grow Your Business and Engage Your Employees

How to Use Gamification to Grow Your Business and Tue, 07 Oct 2014 03:00:00 -0700

Want to increase your customers’ loyalty and your employees’ engagement? Try gamification. Here’s how you can implement it now.

Nowadays, the gamification trend is spreading to businesses, affecting marketing strategies and employee management. It’s a powerful tool for marketers to showcase their brands and for companies to increase employees’ performance and engagement.

Let’s define gamification first. It refers to applying gaming techniques to non-gaming processes for many reasons: to add fun and interest, to engage, to allow people to experience adrenaline and a sense of competition, and to gain victory.

Including gaming elements to the companies’ strategies results in a mix of fun and business, which makes routine activities more attractive and has significant impact on the company’s marketing and employee performance. According to Gartner, by 2015, almost a half of global organizations will use gamification in their business operations.

But as any new trend, poor implementation puts gamification at risk of falling short of expectations and failing its business goals. Gamification isn’t just about badges, points and leaderboards.

To carry out a successful gamification strategy for stimulating employee engagement, pay attention to the following ideas. (Click here to tweet this list.)

1. Integrate gamification with personal development

When you put gaming elements like scores and points into practice, make them meaningful and valuable to employees’ ambitions and careers. People like self-development, and that’s why gamification must go along with employees’ real achievements, to become a way to encourage and motivate.

Don’t forget to provide people with the ability to share their progress with others.

2. Include rewards and recognition

Employees who achieve good working results through gaming activities need a word of encouragement andrecognition to stay motivated. Design your gamification strategy so workers have bonuses and rewards, such as earning “badges,” that visibly recognize their contribution to the business. It’ll positively affect company performance and motivate other employees.

3. Socialize gaming results

Use social network platforms to display completions and leaderboards. This is a way for employees.

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