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Welcome to Dwarka Classifieds your Community for Business Advertisement

We are simply #1 classified business promoter website. With over 10,000 of the West Delhi audience browsing and advertising with Dwarka Classifieds. We offer opportunity for business to reach out to the customers with specific needs when they looking to buy products or services.

Your Digital Media Marketing Simplified

Banner Advertising Pricing

1. Full Banner 

Banner Name Banner Size Three Month Price Six Month Price One Year Price
Full Banner 468×60 3,000 6,000 12,000

Sample Banner size 468 x 60

banner advertising dwarkaclassifieds.com

Get 10% discount on six month order and 20% discount on one year order.
Banner will run on all pages in the header portion of the website on rotation.

2. Medium Rectangle 

Banner Name Banner Size Three Month Price Six Month Price One Year Price
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 2,000 4,000 8,000

Sample Banner size 300 x 250

buy banner ads in Dwarka west delhi

Get 10% discount on six month order and 20% discount on one year order.
Banner will run on all pages of the website on rotation basis.

Featured Listing Pricing

1. Home Page Featured Ads (Top of the Page Placement) Home Page Slider

Ads Name Duration Pricing
Featured Listing 30 Days One Month 1,000
Featured Listing 90 Days Three Month 2,500
Featured Listing 180 Days Six Month 4,000
Featured Listing 360 Days One Year 7,000

Home Page Featured Ads / Listing Sample Ad

featured listing ads dwarka classifieds delhi

2. Top of the Page Ads Placement – Main Category Featured Ads

Ads Name Duration Pricing
Main Category Featured Listing Ads 30 Days One Month 700
Main Category Featured Listing Ads 90 Days Three Month 2,000
Main Category Featured Listing Ads 180 Days Six Month 3,500
Main Category Featured Listing Ads 360 Days One Year 6,000

Main Category Page Featured Listing Sample Ad

top of the page placement ads featured listing advertising dwarka classifieds

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