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General Advertising Guidelines Dwarka Classifids

  • Dwarka Classifieds reserves the right to reject any advertising campaign, for any reason.
  • Dwarka Classifieds reserves the right to reject any insertion, graphic, text description, or URL.
  • Dwarka Classifieds does not accept commercial messages that are misleading for our users, illegal, inaccurate or fraudulent that makes unfair competitive claims or that contain material that violates applicable law.
  • Dwarka Classifieds may not be used to imply affiliation with or an endorsement by Dwarka Classifieds – whether a Dwarka Classifieds product, content, or service — unless such a relationship exists. Dwarka Classifieds branding, logos, or proprietary images cannot be used within an ad banner.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all audio events must be triggered by user click behavior within the ad unit.
  • Ad creative cannot launch multiple browser windows or tabs upon load or click.
  • Ads may not utilize ‘fake’ buttons or misleading behavioral functionality.
  • Pop-ups are not accepted.
  • Expanding ads are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Local classified business advertising guidelines

Inappropriate Advertising on Dwarka Classifieds

  • Tobacco
  • Guns/Firearms
  • Gambling
  • Illicit Drugs
  • Graphic Violence
  • Nudity
  • Pornography
  • Potentially slanderous or libellous content
  • Misleading language
  • False or misleading claims
  • Vulgar language
  • Death related services (e.g. Funeral homes)
  • Political Campaigns
  • Any advertising content that violates applicable laws, rules, or regulations

Ad Submission Guidelines

Creative Deadlines Definition Asset Lead Time
Standard Banners gif, jpg, standard 3rd party tags 7 business days
Rich Media 3rd party rich media, Flash 7 business days

Any changes to the advertising, while the campaign is running should be received five (5) business days in advance of any campaign modification.

Delivering Materials

The files may be sent as email attachments or may be stored on a website affiliated to the ad agency inquisition, sending indications about its location to your Dwarka Classifieds account representative for its retrieval, in the stated time period.

When the ad agency sends materials, they must be aligned to a completed Dwarka Classifieds ad trafficking sheet.

Please contact your Dwarka Classifieds account representative for a copy of this sheet.

How Online Behavioral Advertising Works?

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